Our services include

In addition to providing enterprise-class cloud infrastructure to our clients and partners, we also offer a variety of supporting services.


Cloud Migration Services

One of the most daunting tasks can be the initial step in rejuvenating your IT systems as you migrate from older, legacy hardware to the latest in operating systems and workflow solutions. Our team has been migrating companies to new infrastructure for almost 15 years and are ready to provide deep technical assistance to your IT administrators or manage the migration for you entirely.

Hybrid-Cloud Solutions

We provide a wide range of additional Cloud services to support your administration and consulting efforts. Find all the tools you need, and build the package of services you want to offer, all while maintaining the control you need to ensure your standard of quality services for your clients.

Colocation Solutions

Do you have an application or database that cannot be virtualized due to legacy limitations? We allow you to create custom hybrid solutions mixing both virtual and physical infrastructure to best suit your company’s needs.

File and Folder Sync Solutions for Business

The ease of file and folder synchronization software, as well as the necessity using links for large files, attracts every employee at some point in time. If you’re not offering an in-house solution, your information assets will end up elsewhere. Our DataCloud solution for business provides you complete control over PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry file sharing. We even provide integration into your existing or new cloud servers.

Microsoft® Office 365 Integration

Looking to leverage the power of Microsoft®’s Office 365 with your solution? We have you covered. As an authorized Microsoft® Office 365 reseller we can provide deep support for integrating or launching your mail services.

Web Presence Solutions

A web presence is an integral part of every business today. We provide shared hosting from multiple platforms, ActiveSync capable mail services, domain registration and management as well as a full set of DNS services.


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