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Estimating Cloud costs has never been easier!
Using the Cloud Server Cost Estimator you can build individual servers for Microsoft® Windows® Server (as well as Linux) estimating general purpose Microsoft® virtual machines, Remote Desktop servers, or Exchange® servers. Simply use the sliders to customize your ideal VM and build a server best suited to your needs today. Our environment is specifically engineered to support the most demanding requirements.
Our highly experienced team of network and system administrators are available to help you investigate, design, and implement simple to complex environments as well as to provide easily solutions for load balancers, firewalls, VLANs, IDS, and PCI requirements.

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* Please note: When estimating, a server cannot be a Microsoft® Exchange® server and Terminal Server, and that both require at least Microsoft® Server Standard to be chosen as OS. Always consider Domain Controllers, SQL Servers, Terminal Servers and Exchange® Servers to require dedicated VMs.